Study Pal comes as an App

By Kathrin Kobus

The academic year may just have started but this year’s Leaving and Junior cert candidates will be reminded from day 1 about the importance of the tests awaiting them next May and June.

The scheduling for all activities, school and personal life might be overwhelming seem to be. Now there is an app for that. An app that organises school timetable, Grinds appointments and other extra curriclar activities.  

Mark Nealon, overall winner of the 2019 Irish Student Entrepreneurship Forum National Final had developed it last year out of the problems caused by stress and strains during his Leaving cert year. The result is myStudyPal ( and its aim is to help students stay in control of exam preparations.

Mark Nealon at NovaUCD , founder of myStudyPal Photo by Nick Bradshaw

The student/inventor said at the announcement: “We’ve been working hard throughout the summer to develop a far superior app which can now be downloaded by our users. Following the success of the app last year we plan to triple, if not quadruple, the number of users during the coming year. I can announce that the myStudyPal app is free to download in Ireland and in the UK until 31 October.”

He is now entering his second year at UCD, studying Biomedical, Health and Life Sciences.

myStudyPal can be downloaded by Junior, Leaving, GCSE or A-Level students on the App Store and Google Play Store as well as via