Community Call answered

BY Kathrin Kobus

It’s been a month now that all our local sports clubs saw their seasons cut short, interrupted and at the moment quite frankly unknown when leisure activities like sports might resume.

The Community Call was launched by the Government on April 2nd and makes it possible for volunteers to step in and offer services to  those who need support whether it be doing the shopping or taking the dog out for a walk.  

Peter McCabe delivering some shopping

One example is the initative started by Peter MCabe.  “This idea emerged as soon as schools closed as I realised that there were many in the Sandymount/Irishtown/Ringsend areas who might be glad of having someone do their shopping. I linked in with  Clanna Gael Fontenoy as I am aware of how community focused it is. A volunteer page is available on the club website.”

For those who wish to avail of the services, help is there and no request is considered too small.

“The person, who I am assisting at present texted me on a sunny afternoon recently wondering if I could buy her some ice-cream. I was delighted to be able to do a simple thing like that.”

Peter McCabe can be reached: 087 / 2350212

To sign up as volunteer

NewsFour would like to present other examples of how communities, neighbourhoods from Raytown to Donnybrook show their solidarity and help. Please contact us via email