Latest Streaming Options

Photo of Roger Doyle courtesy of Anne Lavery PR.

David Prendeville

As we remain encouraged to stay at home as much as possible and the re-opening on cinemas is still some way off, here I take a look at some of the latest streaming options for film and TV.

Mubi Library
The most significant streaming announcement for cinephiles of late, has been that Mubi is opening up its library. This means that a wealth of content that had expired, in some cases long expired past its thirty-day window, is now available once more. Much of the content is available with no add-ons for Mubi members, though some titles are rentals. Some of the highlights include retrospectives of Godard, Buñuel and other sections, which cover everything from modern classics to short films.

The Last Dance
Hugely acclaimed documentary series on Michael Jordan and his extraordinary career. Available on Netflix.

Sea Fever
Irish director Neasa Hardiman (who’s helmed huge TV shows such as Jessica Jones) makes her feature debut with this much-admired sci-fi horror set aboard a West of Ireland trawler. Available on
The Assistant
Kitty Green’s insidiously unsettling examination of sexual harassment and abusive power dynamics in the workplace follows a day in the life of a young intern at a production company. Available on

The Curious Works of Roger Doyle
Irish feature documentary which explores the life’s work of Irish composer Roger Doyle as he gets a chance to stage one of his most ambitious musical projects; his first electronic opera. Presented with this opportunity, late in life, it might just be Roger’s last chance to bring his music to a wider audience. As the film observes the preparations for the opera, it takes a trip through five decades of music from the man they call “The Godfather of Irish electronica”. Featuring contributions from his many collaborators including actress Olwen Fouere, theatre director Selina Cartmell and some of Ireland’s first wave of pioneering filmmakers from the 1970s and 1980s – Joe Comerford, Bob Quinn and Cathal Black. Available on

Bachelors Walk
RTÉ have released all episodes of the popular early 2000s show on the RTÉ Player. It’s fascinating to see how Dublin has changed over the years. The show crackles with great performances from its leads, while the script, characterization and dialogue feel surprisingly fresh.

The Thing
John Carpenter’s hugely influential science fiction horror movie. The extraordinary special effects put most modern films to shame. Available on Netflix.

It Follows
David Robert Mitchell’s superbly imaginative film is a modern horror classic and must-see for horror and film fans alike. Available on

Midnight Cowboy
John Schlesinger’s moving, influential best picture winner provides a wonderful snapshot of a bygone era. Scenes in Warhol’s factory particularly stand out. Available on Netflix.

What Did Jack Do?
Wonderfully eccentric short from and starring the peerless David Lynch. Available on Netflix.

Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager
Much-admired documentary about the late, great English manager, who had wonderful spells with Barcelona and Newcastle, as well as the English national team. Could provide a well needed fix for those missing football.