Numbers game

BY Kathrin Kobus

There is an official statistics site provided by the government of Ireland, the geohive hub, where everyone can look up and check numbers and graphs relating to Covid-19.

Its accuracy depends on those who feed numbers into the system, and there a certain trend has become apparent. 

About a week and a half ago hospital numbers had risen to 21 plus 6 in ICU. During the course of that day without any further admissions the overall number for hospital rose to 27.

Acceptable if it were explained that due to an oversight the ICU numbers have to be added to the total tally of cases in a hospital setting.

Small problem, solved.  

Since then hospital numbers are creeping up and are standing now, midday 2nd September at 40. 

Let’s look at the counting that has been done the last few days. 

Friday last we had 30 people in hospital, followed by 3 admissions and two discharges during the day. This did not reflect on the tally which stood during Saturday at 33.

Come Monday and there were  2 admissions and 1 discharge. Tally rose to 35.

Yesterday, first day of September, and it really hit home with a rise to 36 with one admission and six discharges. 

And today at 9.30am the data is compiled as 40 in hospital with two admissions and two discharges.

The ICU numbers are currently at 6, there was one admission to ICU over the weekend. 

Somebody is either not good at counting; or it is an oversight not to subtract the discharges from the tally.