Roadworks, repairs and tall stories

By Kathrin Kobus

The footpath at Irishtown Nature Park was closed for most of July because of surface damage and weathering; temporary repairs were no longer sufficient.

Dublin County Council said: “This is a particular problem after periods of prolonged rainfall when water channels are cut out of the surface making it difficult to walk on for pedestrians and dangerous for cyclists. The path will be resurfaced with a similar type and colour of aggregate, which is in keeping with that of a Nature Reserve location, and disturbance to vegetation at the edge of the path will be kept to a minimum.”

The work was completed within the time frame of three weeks and was fully open for the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Other road works have been underway at the stretch between the junction of Tritonville and Seafort gardens. This was due to water mains being fixed and replaced. Traffic is being directed via a stop/go system.

News has just come in that a development on York Road which had received planning permission for a seven-storey complex, mostly one and two bed apartments, might now be increased to 15 storeys. This will mean the block will rise way above the current two storey building which is the office base for Dyno-Rod. The firm has already announced that they will have to vacate the premises by February 2021 at the latest.

Unconfirmed sources say that the proposal comes with an exemption clause for the 10% Social Housing given to them by Dublin City Council under section 97. Needless to say local residents are not happy and have met recently with councillors to discuss the proposals for this site.

A facebook group York Road Development Ad Hoc has been formed.

NewsFour will follow up on this development in our October issue.