New Grotto on Bremen Avenue

Image: Margaret Dunne

Margaret Dunne

The Grotto on Bremen Avenue was recently refurbished and a new Grotto built. A big thank you to local residents Rose Barnes Corrigan and Pauline Walsh who look after the maintenance and upkeep of the Grotto, along with a group of volunteers, Joanne Spain, Paula Bradshaw, Oisin Corrigan and Niamh Barnes; not forgetting some local children. The Ringsend and Irishtown Tidytowns and Environment Group (RITE) came on board to lend a hand, and after procuring funding from Covanta the project got the go-ahead. 
It took a bit of clever manoeuvring to get the right builder at the right price, but no better at striking the right deal than the above ladies, when they procured the services Mr Gerry Garvey. Gerry, it has to be said, did an amazing job.  Fr Ivan Tonge sourced the beautiful lady from a convent in Drumcondra that was closing down. Their loss is Ringsend’s gain. Joanne Spain and Oisin Corrigan painted and sealed the statue of Our Lady, and local children created a beautiful fairy garden, in an area of the Grotto, where she now resides. When the job was finished Fr Ivan came down to bless it, and, not to miss out on a bit of fun, we arranged a little ceremony for the local residents. All strictly observing social distancing of course. 
Incidentally, the grotto was one of the last projects for 2020 of the Ringsend Irishtown Tidytowns Environment Group. Everyone involved with the group did Trojan work since we started in July 2018. Just some of our illustrious successes are: the beautiful boat in Ringsend, the monument in Irishtown, the boat in Stella Gardens, the many beautiful planters and flowers around the villages of Ringsend, Irishtown and at the Waxies Dargle, and the little viewing seat at the end of Cambridge Road near Ringsend College. Not forgetting the beautiful welcome signs into the twin villages.  And we’re not finished yet.
We work constantly to clean and tidy our town and it’s all thanks to our many wonderful loyal volunteers, who never fail to come out and give back something to our lovely villages. People are great when they get together. With the volunteers we have all made many friends and it’s a bit of a social thing as well. It’s always good craic and a bit of banter. Especially in the Covid-19 months, when everything was so hard, it is a good way to get out and keep active. We all know it’s even good for your mental health. So, once more a heartfelt thanks to all involved, and whenever you’re in Ringsend come down to see our lovely lady in the grotto.