Keeping The Light Burning Darkness into Light 2021

Courtesy of Darkness into Light

Electric Ireland and Pieta urge people to sign up at and take part in a special Darkness Into Light Sunrise on May 8th.
This year, participants can walk, run, swim, hike, bike or simply share One Sunrise Together for Darkness Into Light, as organised walks are not possible due to Covid-19 restrictions
Darkness Into Light ambassadors share Sunrise Notes for this year’s launch – expressing how they have found light in the dark
Electric Ireland is proud to support Pieta and Darkness Into Light for the ninth year and are urging people to sign up at to take part in a special Darkness Into Light Sunrise on May 8th; a moment that can unite us whilst still physically apart. By taking part in Darkness Into Light, now a global movement and Pieta’s main fundraiser, participants will help shine a light on suicide and self-harm while raising vital funds for Pieta’s lifesaving services, which are needed now more than ever, following a difficult year.
As part of the campaign launch, Electric Ireland together with Pieta have worked with well-known ambassadors who have written Sunrise Notes, which detail how they have found light in the dark, especially over the last 12 months.  
The campaign is proudly supported by Broadcaster Miriam O’Callaghan, Senator Eileen Flynn, Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu, writer Donal Ryan, Blogger Louise Cooney, Olympic Diver Oliver Dingley and Creative Director Lawson Mpame. Sunrise Notes from some of the ambassadors are available to read at Electric Ireland and Pieta are also encouraging the nation to take pen to paper to write their own Sunrise Note and share their stories of finding hope in the darkness online using #DIL2021. The concept of writing and sharing a heartfelt note will help normalise the challenges people have been facing this year, bringing people together through shared experiences of finding light in the darkness.
Broadcaster Miriam O’Callaghan, commented:
“Darkness Into Light is an incredibly important event on the Irish calendar. Now more than ever, Pieta need support from the Irish public to ensure their valued services can continue for those who need it. This year has seen Irish people adapt and come together in times of darkness. We’re a nation of doers, and I’m sure there will be a rally of support for Darkness Into Light, as we look towards a brighter future together. I’m looking forward to when we can walk hand in hand, arm in arm at dawn at future Darkness Into Light events. Until then, while we’re apart, let’s unite for Darkness Into Light: One Sunrise Together.”
Marguerite Sayers, Executive Director, Electric Ireland, added: 
“We are proud to support Pieta with Darkness Into Light for our ninth consecutive year. The partnership is incredibly important to all Electric Ireland staff and customers.  We understand how difficult this year has been for many people, and there is an urgent need to support Pieta with their mission to help those who need it most. Electric Ireland truly believe that when the nation comes together, it has the power to bring hope to those who need it most; a true demonstration of how we’re brighter together. This year while we can’t physically be together for Darkness Into Light 2021, we can still come together while apart and sign up, show our support for Pieta and share a special sunrise with thousands of others around the country.”
Elaine Austin, CEO, Pieta commented: 
“We have all faced with some incredible and daunting challenges over the last year. Pieta is here to support all of those in suicidal crisis and our free counselling has continued, uninterrupted throughout the Covid lockdowns.  Our clinical team provide services over the phone, via text and in-person in twenty centres nationwide and, since last year, we now provide free counselling over video. In 2020, we delivered over 52,000 hours of therapy and we received over 70,000 calls and texts for help through our 24/7 crisis helpline.   
Darkness Into Light is crucial in delivering the funds needed to support this level of service. We have a great partnership with Electric Ireland and the company have been unwavering in their support over the years. We are grateful too for our Darkness into Light committees who galvanise support for the event across the country year after year.  It’s important for all of us to hold on to hope and Darkness Into Light gives us the opportunity to come together under this one common purpose, to remember our loved ones and to help those struggling at this time, and I do hope you will all join us on May 8th.” 
Although there are no organised walks this year, Pieta and Electric Ireland are still urging the nation to sign up and mark this special Darkness Into Light sunrise within Covid guidelines, on May 8th to show support to those impacted by suicide. Now, one year on from when the country went into lockdown, Pieta’s services are in demand more than ever and they need the public’s support. So, get involved for Darkness Into Light whether that’s writing a sunrise note, walking, running, swimming, hiking, biking or simply sharing your sunrise snap using the hashtags (#BrighterTogether, #DIL2021), Because under one sunrise, we’re brighter together. Sign up now at 
“There is always hope and you’re never alone although you feel very very lonely and you find it very hard to reach out. Trust me, you’re never alone in your feelings. Thanks to Pieta, there is always someone you can reach out to when you need someone to listen. And when somebody does listen, life always gets better. The night cannot last forever and after the darkness there is always the sunshine – a new day full of fresh starts and a new possibility. Hang in there. You came this far and you can go farther.” Senator Eileen Flynn