Music to our ears: Calling all local performers!

Guitar player, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Geneva Pattison.

We have been missing a bit of song in our hearts and cultural enjoyment for a long time now, however, a recent announcement regarding the funding of outdoor shows may change all of our tunes for the better.

Dublin City Council have put a call out for local performers (bands, ensambles, individuals, musicians etc…) to apply for the Local Live Performance Programming Scheme.

In the announcement from Minister Catherine Martin, venues, producers and promoters are also able to avail of the scheme. Performances will be planned for outdoor spaces or in the public domain area in the Dublin City Council Administrative Area, from July 1st to September 30th 2021.

The scheme hopes to facilitate planning for outdoor performances for this year, while taking into consideration the rules surrounding public health. These performances can be streamed online, should there be any concerns about public health and safety.

This new scheme encourages all forms of performers to apply, such as musical, spectacle, circus and street art. As mentioned in the release, smaller scale solo performances, unplugged sessions and amplified performances will all be considered. Joint applications from producers and performers can be submitted and family friendly/ all ages shows are particularly welcome. applicants can apply to the scheme for a single show or multiple shows and if selected to be supported by the DCC, shows will either be free of charge or cost a nominal fee.

Circus Performers, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

There will be two rounds in the application process, as mentioned in the press release, the first will consist of:

Round 1 Applications must include:·
– Brief relevant biogs of the performing artists / ensembles / producers and any ancillary staff. (max 500 words)·
-Description of proposal (max 500 words).
-Description of ideal outdoor venue or venues (although no venue or site can be guaranteed).
-Range of feasible dates for proposal (Must be within July 1st to September 30th 2021).
– Technical / Staging requirements.
-Detailed budget including the payments to Performing Artists, Producer (where relevant), Promotion, and essential Technicians.

Successful applicants will be booked in for to perform in controlled public environments, including parks and civic centres where safe and possible.

In terms of the selection process, DCC have outlined that the following will be considered:

“A suitably qualified panel with participation by Dublin City Council and External Performing Arts Professionals will adjudicate the applications according to the following criteria:

1. Experience of the applicants

2. Quality of the proposal

3. Feasibility technically

4. Realistic financial projections

All candidates successful or unsuccessful will be notified by email only. If unsuccessful no further feedback will be provided. This is due to the expected volume of applications.”

In round 2 of the selection process, the DCC will ask performers to develop their proposals with support from their events unit and the Dublin City Arts Office along with other public departments.

The deadline for applications is June 23rd at 12 noon.

Hopefully, this positive move will be somewhat uplifting for performers who have had their livelihoods upturned from under them during the pandemic.

For more information or to apply for the scheme, visit the link below:

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