It’s all RITE . . .

By Louise Whelan

Mary O’Neill Byrne and Yvonne Rossiter

The Ringsend and Irishtown TidyTowns & Environment (RITE) team have completed a wonderful project of converting the green space at the Irishtown Ashford Monument into a beautiful, vibrant community garden.  The team also combined adding new plants to the library boxes in Ringsend, and a new green bicycle located in Irishtown in loving memory of Patsy Doolin’s husband, Thomas.

The community garden boasts bug and bee hotels adorned with handmade signs, made by local Stephen Mularkey using upcycled wood, while the box signs on the planter were made by a company called Understory, from recycled wood. By recycling wood less trees need to be felled, allowing for more carbon dioxide absorption and replacement trees to grow, so this is beneficial to oxygen levels and healthy ecosystems. The original flower bed in front of the monument was also replanted and given a face lift.

Patsy Doolin and daughter Jennifer with Thomas’s bicycle

RITE were able to have a brand new handmade bio diverse planter put in place using the best materials for sustainability by Brian Mason whose skills will be used again for future projects.  New bluebell bulbs were added to three beds and it will be something to look forward to seeing them grow and bloom come March 2024.

Kathleen Cullen also used her artistic talents on a dull traffic box, turning it into a colourful feast for the eyes.

All this could not be done without the help of funding by Keith Clarke (John Clarke & Sons South Dock) Dublin City Council, Aviva and Covanta.

RITE work together as a team bringing positive changes to the town, they really get stuck in and love the changes that they have already made since the TidyTowns formed back in 2018.  And walking around the neighbourhood you can see the beauty unveiled that these volunteers have brought back to life.

Special thanks to RITE Chairperson, Margaret Dunne, to Will and Jim from The Merry Cobbler for continually providing the Saturday refreshments and a big well-done to each and every one who go above and beyond to make a difference to transform our town while also preserving and enhancing the local environment.

RITE has more projects to come,  which are already in the early stages so keep an eye out for those in the New Year.