Staying Fit at Fifty

By Niamh Byrne

If you or anyone you know over 50 is looking for some physical training then look no further. A lady called Mayara is holding home sessions or classes for anyone interested in the Ringsend Community Centre. 

The sessions vary from time to time and involve exercises sitting and standing to help keep people motivated. It is not only a great way to keep fit but a great way for older people to meet new people and get out of the house. To keep it a fun experience, Mayara will play some music while people are exercising to help keep them motivated. Classes in the RICC are kept to a maximum of ten people to ensure more individual attention.

Having always had a connection with older people, Mayara wanted to set up the business to help promote fitness in older people as were all living that much older in recent years. Doing some work in Physical training herself she wanted to put it to use and help other people with fitness. 

If for any reason people can’t attend the RICC, she does sessions for people in the comfort of their home. For these people they can ask two or three friends to join them, which brings the cost down and is more fun for everyone overall. 

The classes which will commence in January are held in the RICC every Wednesday at 12 and last approx one hour per session. It’s the perfect time to start feeling good about yourself after all the Christmas excess and something to look forward to in the New Year. The sessions cost €10 per class or for the really committed you can pay upfront for ten weeks and get a €20 discount! 

If you or anyone you know have any questions feel free to contact Mayara on 0862105100 or email Or Instagram page @mbeactivebehappy.