A Love that has Endured

By Niamh Byrne

Every February 14th, people flock to get flowers and chocolates for their loved one. Whether it be a partner or mother, you’ll always catch a few people wandering home with flowers in their hands.

Valentine’s day has always been a special one in my household as it was the day my mother and father went on their very first date, and three years later they decided to get married on the same day.

They first met through a singing choir in the church called ‘The Folkgroup’ 40 years ago and are still dedicated to that same group to the present day. The first time they ever met my dad was trying to chat to my mother who was extremely shy and kept looking out the window, ignoring him. Eventually, they formed a great friendship and bonded over many trips they had together with the group. The church has always been special to us growing up and when we were old enough me and my two sisters joined the same choir my mam and dad met in and are still currently in.

On their 30th Wedding anniversary they decided to renew their vows. It was extra special this time as me and my two sisters were able to attend. Our extended family also attended, with the exception of the few who had sadly passed away. During the ceremony the priest spoke of the bond the wedding rings have to each other in a marriage. This made us all laugh as my dad lost his ring years ago!

Thirty-four years on and they are still married. It is a love that is extremely rare and one I have always looked up to and cherished.