The Voice of Donnybrook: Remy Naidoo

Remy Naidoo

Remy Naidoo has gone from working in Kielys of Donnybrook to singing to the nation on RTÉ’s The Voice of Ireland. When NewsFour spoke to the bright and bubbly 19-year-old, she was fresh from her first live performance on the show, and was only too happy to chat.

When were you first drawn to singing?

I have always sung since I was about three years old. Dad said I would sing away to Frank Sinatra in the back of the car. I then got a karaoke machine from Santa when I was six which probably helped, but it was really my sister who got me into it. I would hear her sing and then I wanted to do it, follow in the footsteps of your big sister.

Was there any musical influence from your family?

My sister and Dad can both sing, and I was brought up by my parents listening to old stuff like Fleetwood Mac and Billie Holiday, so my influences are old.

Were you involved with music in school?

Yeah, I went to an all-girls secondary school, it was amazing for music and I thrived there, appearing in plays and school musicals. I studied singing and violin in school also.

Jamelia looked delighted when she got you on her team – how has it been to work with her?

Yes, she did look happy. It has been amazing, she is so easy to work with and gives amazing advice. I feel very proud to be on her team and so delighted she turned around for me, as she was my first choice.

How did it feel to perform live on the series for the first time?

It was extremely nerve-racking performing on live television, but the minute I came off I just wanted to do it again! The crowd in the Helix were just insane, the buzz I got – there is really nothing like it. Can’t wait to go and do it all again.

What has been your favourite song that you have performed on the show?

I think my first week song [Feel So Close by Calvin Harris]. The dress also helped immensely, I felt like a proper movie star. You always remember your first performance the most I think too, because it’s the first time I have ever performed in that environment before.

Who would be your dream artist to perform with?

My dream artist would have been Amy Winehouse, I am just such a huge fan and never got to see her perform live, one of my biggest regrets. But I am a huge Lianne La Havas fan so, if I got to sing a song with her I would be the happiest person on the planet. And of course not to forget queen bee herself, Miss Beyonce – who wouldn’t want to sing with her in fairness.

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By Aimee MacLeod