The Sean Moore Community Awards 2016

Pictured Above: Cllr Dermot Lacey.

Pictured Above: Cllr Dermot Lacey.

The Sean Moore Awards 2016 took place on the evening of May 24th at Clanna Gael Fontenoy. In attendance on the night were the Deputy Lord Mayor, Chris Andrews with Alice Foley Mayor of Ringsend presenting the prizes to each category winner.

Newly elected Senator Kevin Humphreys and Councillor Paddy McCartan also attended.

The event was sponsored by the Aviva Stadium, and Stadium Director Martin Murphy was there to say a few words and congratulate the winners on their behalf.

Dermot Lacey reiterated that the judges remain anonymous during his opening speech. Roísin Ingle of The Irish Times presented the event and also introduced each winner.

Greg Pepper
A Community Award was received by Greg Pepper on behalf of the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimages to Lourdes. This was given for over 60 years of work and particularly for volunteers like Imelda Harding and her hard work.
Laura Doyle
Laura Doyle devotes all her time to youth work and works tirelessly for the youth club in Donnybrook The local children who attend the club benefit from attending and from her very presence.
Tereasa O Loughlin
Teresa O’Loughlin has invested so much of her free time and organised events and trips for the members of the Sandymount Ladies Club. “I’m Gobsmacked and totally surprised to have won this award!” she said.
Derek Richard Murphy
Derek Richard Murphy is a great organiser and motivator. He’s the chairperson of the Ringsend Active Retirement Association, which meets at the CMWS. He goes out of his way to help the elderly while forgetting his own age, being 80 years old!”
Jennifer Betts
Jennifer Betts volunteers for Pieta House and has to date raised €10,000 for her charitable causes. “I honestly had no idea I was going to win an award. The work I do is so rewarding with Pieta House, more importantly it has helped 10 people on their journey from Pieta House to recovery. Thanks everyone!”
Ben Fox and Martin Leonard
Ben Fox and Martin Leonard won an award for their work for the community in Donnybrook and especially for their horticultural skills. “Without their unselfish approach, the tidy towns simply could not function.” said Roísín Ingle.

The judges also decided to give another award to the Donnybrook Tidy Towns committee.

Brian Betts
Mr. Brian Betts, or as the children call him Bettsy, is a volunteer for the Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre. He was recently the Mayor of Ringsend and Irishtown “I’m a man of too many words! But really, From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”
Sharon Bolger
Sharon Bolger has performed in Top of the Areas along with Dermot Bolger. She is a great singer, like her father before her and is always happy to sing for any occasion. One of her great skills is baking cakes as soon as she hears about a local bereavement. “I hope my dad is really proud of me and I really appreciate all of this,” said Sharon.
Brendan O Brien
Brendan O’Brien, a caretaker who works with the Local National Schools of Ringsend, pictured receiving his award.

He is described as “the kind of man that children see as their grandfather and adults see as a father, a man of great experience and knowledge. He is one of the greatest assets of St. Patrick’s Boys and Girls School in Ringsend.”

Mary Lawless
Mary Lawless is a volunteer from the Ringsend and Irishtown Committee
She helped to set up Regal House and the Irishtown Training Centre. “I’m gobsmacked!” she said, “It’s been a pleasure and an honour, it’s been nearly fifty years since I’ve been living over the bridge! It’s a pleasure to be part of the community, thank you very much!”
Sister Bernard Lee
Sister Bertha Lee was presented with a award in recognition of the work of the Sisters of Charity This nomination is for a woman who very quietly and diligently for years visited the elderly and the sick of Donnybrook.

“Thank you to all the people who have been kind to me during my sickness and all the help from those who kept me company,” said Sister Bertha.

Pictured at the Sean Moore Community Awards were Sister Bertha Lee, Chris Andrews and Roísín Ingle. Photo: Maria Shields O’Kelly.

Pictured at the Sean Moore Community Awards were Sister Bertha Lee, Chris Andrews and Roísín Ingle. Photo: Maria Shields O’Kelly.

By Robert Fullarton and Maria Shields O’Kelly
Photos by Maria Shields O’Kelly