The Cinema Corner – December 1st

Movie of the week – The Disaster Artist

2003’s The Room has rightfully garnered a reputation as one of the worst movies ever made. It’s also one of the most entertaining, a fascinating car crash you can’t look away from. Directed by and starring James Franco, The Disaster Artist tells the story of how ‘filmmaker’ Tommy Wiseau brought The Room to the screen. Often hilarious, it’s an uplifting tribute to the joy of artistic endeavour, but make sure you watch The Room beforehand or Franco’s film may leave you baffled.


Teenage girls with psychic powers are nothing new to cinema and TV, appearing in everything from Carrie to Stranger Things. Norwegian sci-fi thriller Thelma is a little different, tying its young protagonist’s powers into her burgeoning sexuality. It’s a novel twist on a tired format and features a great lead performance by Eili Harboe, but its ending feels a little unearned and mean-spirited for me.

Happy End

Cult director Michael Haneke returns with Happy End, a look at a wealthy family of sociopaths living in the French port of Calais. Recycling themes we’ve seen explored in better previous Haneke films, it’s severely lacking in originality, relying on an impressive ensemble cast, including Isabelle Huppert cast in a rare likeable role, to hold your interest.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Lighthouse kicks off its annual Christmas season this week with a host of seasonal classics. You can see Die Hard, followed by a themed party, on Friday night; on Saturday you can catch Elf, Rare Exports, Love Actually and Frozen; Home Alone and It’s a Wonderful Life on Sunday; and The Muppet Christmas Carol on Monday.

By Eric Hillis of