Disappearance on our doorstep

Pictured: Trevor Deely and the Renoir Complex on Serpentine Avenue.

by Paul Carton

The mystery behind the disappearance of the Sandymount inhabitant Trevor Deely on the 8th of December 2000 was again brought back to our attention recently through a Crimestoppers campaign and a seperate inconclusive search from a tip-off to Gardai from a source held confidential by the Gardai.

Here at NewsFour, we feel it as our duty to pursue our own line of inquiry into the matter by beginning a dialogue with our readership in the locality of the young man’s disappearance in the hope of shining some light into what actually happened that night or the days that followed.

To begin, we went through our printed archives for the issue that reported on the month of December, 2000. NewsFour was a seasonal paper back then and so there were less articles on recent issues and more stories with historical and feature content.

However, there are a few local news items that may trigger some memory in someone out there in the area of the time around Trevor’s disappearance. First of all, on the night before Trevor went missing, local man Paddy Healy from Newgrove Avenue, passed away. Paddy had been elected a life member of the Old Dublin Society, weeks before his passing. In the same month local man Eugene (Gene) Joyce, known affectionately as ‘The Quiet Man of Irishtown’ also passed away.

Local woman Mairin Diamond, from Bath Avenue, released a book of poetry called ‘The Testimony of the Bones’ about the Irish Famine, through the local bookshop Books On The Green and in the same period President Mary McAleese visited Sandymount to launch Enable Ireland.

Trevor, at the time of his disappearance, was working in the IT department at Bank of Ireland Asset Management on Wilton Terrace. He had also moved into an apartment in the Renoir Complex on Serpentine Avenue, Sandymount, which he shared with two girls Niamh and Sharon.

NewsFour are appealing to the public, if they know of the girls or if anyone knows the girls, could you contact or tell them to contact NewsFour or if anyone else has any information that might be helpful, to please get in touch with NewsFour. Considering there have been so many misleading reports on the case, it would be with the aim of accurately documenting facts and timelines of the 24 to 48 hour period around the time he went missing for our readers and anyone following the case.