Working to keep Sandymount vibrant

By Kathrin Kobus.

Clockwise from top: Renee Quinlan, Mary Ryan STTCA, Helena McDermott Sandymount resident, Sheila Mooney STTCA, Audrey Hanley STTCA, Carolina Costa STTCA, Paddy Dunne STTCA, Vincent Ryan STTCA, Declan Hayden DCC. Photos: Kathrin Kobus.

About 100 residents of Sandymount and neighbours of all ages and gender came and got their gear and handy tools, like gloves and tongs on a stick, from the Sandymount Tidy Towns committee. They were going about the business of cleaning up around the Green in Sandymount and along the roads and footpaths, where it looked more like a bout of spring cleaning, with most neighbours getting involved.

It was the first event of this kind in 2018. The youngest helpers picked up rubbish bits on the lawn of Sandymount Green, all kitted out in high viz vests and the obligatory plastic (hmm) gloves for protection.

The Tidy Towns committee was happy with the turn out. “It’s almost too warm,” said Declan Hayden for Dublin City Council. “It’s actually more inviting in this weather to just go for a walk in the sunshine than doing a clean up.”

Working in pairs and little groups the teams spread out from the Green throughout the village. Morgane Legrand, from France was on her round together with local man Maurice Foyle on the footpath surrounding the Green at the Books on the Green corner. “I am here as an au pair at the moment, but it’s a good thing to come out and help with the cleaning here,” she said.

NewsFour encountered other non-Sandymount residents at the beach like David Smith from Goatstown. “I cycled all the way along the Dodder to help put the sand back into Sandymount beach.” Next to him was Adrian O’Connell from Sandyford, picking up litter, like plastic bottles, caps, leftover socks and other, unmentionables, as well.

Both were part of the Clean the Coast group, led by Jen Doran. The bright yellow object she picked up at first was dropped again after it became clear on inspection it was an ordinary flower. 

Light blue plastic bags waited lined up near the curb for their collection at the end of the first organised clean-up of this year’s “Work for Summer” initiative. The Sandymount Tidy Town Association is meeting from now on regular Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 11am to keep their village clean of litter and rubbish. Helpers are always welcome and no age restrictions apply.