Tips to get your inner calm back

In case you feel not like going out and anxiety is close to overwhelming you, maybe the APPLE technique can help.

A stands for acknowledge the uncertainty and related fears,

P pause, just pause and breathe

P as in pull back. The need for absolute certainty is not helpful, not necessary. It is a feeling or thought. Thoughts are not facts

L Let go. These feelings and thoughts, they will pass. You don’t have to respond. Try to visualize them as a bubble or cloud that float away from you.

E explore the very moment you are in, how you breath, notice your safe surroundings, the ground beneath you, what your senses register, what you can smell, hear, what you can (safely) touch. Shift your attention to something you wanted to do or had to do before the worry set in.

And eat an apple, it’s good nutritious food in any case.