Get Ready, Get Set, GoCar

gocarLast week I had a drive in a new car which offers a new concept in car ownership in Ireland. We have always been obsessed with owning a car, but now with the recession we have become more aware of costs – petrol, insurance, motor tax and servicing – GoCar could be the answer.

GoCar is a car when you need it – think of it like car hire by the hour. You pre-register online and give your Laser (yes Laser) or credit card details. You receive a user card in the post, that is yours to keep, then you can log on and book your car for your next trip to IKEA, or to do your big monthly shop or to collect your son/daughter from the airport. You are billed at the end of the calendar month, so no cost up front for you.

Companies are using them instead of taxis to take staff to meetings; colleges are using them as foreign students find them invaluable as they don’t have access to a car normally. Large out-of-town furniture stores are talking to GoCar about having a few on-site so their customers can transport their bulky purchases home, rather than wait for store delivery.

If you are a one-car family, then you can book it occasionally if you have a hospital appointment but need to be home in time to pick up the kids. If you want to hire it, to take your family to the airport, and then leave it there, you can do that too.

So how does it work? When you register and get your ID card, you log on and give them your details. You then choose the location of the car close to you (there’s one on South Lotts Road in D.4) and it will tell you the colour and the make.

When you arrive at the GoCar bay, simply hold the ID card over the front driver side of the window and the receiver there will unlock the car.
When you get inside, open the glove compartment and enter your code into a laser card type-machine and that will release the car so you can press the start button beside the steering wheel. If you have any difficulties, there is a phone in the card machine where you can get directly connected to customer support in their office.

It is a simple and clever solution to a complicated problem. No need to spend thousands every year on a car if you only use it occasionally. Hire a GoCar by the hour and book it for one hour or half a day. If you need it longer, contact them directly as they have a range of car-hire options which will suit you for longer durations.

I am sure GoCar is going to provide a cost-effective and convenient solution to car ownership for all of us in Ireland. It has worked in a wide range of countries globally, and now it is definitely going to be a success here. Info at