Rehab’s on a Roll

As the budget axe falls, one group hopes to keep their position as the leader of responsive health and social services in the state.

RehabCare, which operates as the go-to group for people with disabilities, out of work, or struggling in the downturn has been on a roll of late: expanding their workforce, defying funding approaches, and developing new and meaningful relationships with local communities.

“Our services are based on the specific needs of the people attending, who are consulted on a regular basis about the services they receive. We also foster a sense of belonging for all those who are involved – clients, staff colleagues, families and local communities alike,” says Nessa Canavan the Services Manager for RehabCare.

One of those services, Rehab’s HOPS service, located just off Westland Square, offers on hand support for adults with mental health difficulties.

“The Hops program is focused on recovery and wellness offering choices of recovery within a person-centered framework. On average, 16 people attend the centre every weekday,” says Canavan. The centre has a staff of six, which to date has withstood both the downturn and a renewed focus on the funding mechanisms for not-for-profit organisations by the government.

“All our activities are managed and delivered by committed professionals who recognise people as individuals with a right to dignity and respect as well as top quality service,” says Canavan.

Due to the downturn, Rehab has had to build a new way of gaining additional revenue by going back to basics. Over the course of two years they ran a calendar fundraiser, a kettle-bell challenge, and a table quiz to raise funds for HOPS.

The renewed fundraising push has set Rehab on a mission to survive and thrive. To date, they’ve done a good job.

By Liam Cahill