Just Saying

Just Saying

In a new web video Director and Irish emigrant, Dave Tynan, paints a haunting, yet hopeful, picture of Irish emigration and Dublin.

The video titled ‘Just Saying’ was produced by Dublin based film producer Kathryn Kennedy and directed by Tynan- who also composed a poem of the same name. It shows a man (played by actor Emmet Kirwan) walking through the streets of Dublin, talking about life in light of an economic collapse and who it has left behind.

“I’m just saying, you might get sick of the waiting ’round. The waiting for buses and girls but one’s late and one’s not coming at all and I don’t know which is which anymore,” says Kirwan in the opening scene as the camera follows him around Dublin city centre on a winter’s night.

“Dave wrote the poem just before he emigrated to London a couple of years ago. I saw the piece about a year ago, and thought it was an excellent piece, a voice of a generation. Honest writing from the heart is hard to come by. When Dave asked me to produce it as a short film for him, I was delighted,” said Kennedy.

According to Kennedy, the poem, and video, are reflections of Dave’s views on emigration without a loaded political agenda. As a result, the video showcases a man who is divided between a city with few jobs or the calling of hope from afar.

“I’m just saying you can fill every night talking about the one before. Magnificent bastards in the lost city of Dutch Gold, empty taxi, racist taxi, danger taxi, crouching tiger hidden naggin’, smoking sections, 90s babies, Zaytoon or empty pockets,” says Kirwan directly to the camera.

As the video comes to a close, Kirwan gives us a line anyone thinking about emigrating should consider. “You might get sick of it all, but you might miss it too, and there’s ten good reasons to go, but a thousand tiny ones not to, and I don’t know which is which anymore.”


By: Liam Cahill