Luas Cap

Your journey in and out of Dublin will get a lot easier as Luas announced a cap on your daily expenditure.

This new cap means that you won’t get charged more than the price of 1 day, or 7 day Luas Flexi Tickets when using the Leap Card. The National Transport Authority introduced the cap a few months ago.

“Capping is part of the Leap Card functionality. It introduces a maximum amount you pay for Luas travel during 1 day or 7 days (Mon-Sun) with Leap Card. This is equal to the 1 Day or 7 Day Luas Flexi Ticket. After you reach the Cap the rest of your travel during that 1 day or 7 days is free. Leap Card Luas Capping is the first introduction of this Leap Card functionality and will be on Luas only for now,” said the company’s website.

It is expected that a similar cap will be introduced on bus and rail services in the coming months. According to Luas, testing is ongoing for the further integration of the service across multiple platforms such as bus, rail, and Luas.

The company also plans to introduce an automatic top-up service, where travellers will be able to provide bank details for topping up their Leap Cards.

By: Liam Cahill