Book Review – Ticking Clock

ticking clock

The end of February saw the release of a great little book by George Fitzgerald on E books.

The Ticking Clock is about a man called Mark, a very handsome and rich character who is prone to having affairs with a string of women. One of the affairs is with a woman called Sarah who later asks Mark to murder her husband. The situation gets heated when Mark gets involved with Gangland Dublin and later realises he has bitten off more than he can chew. In time he considers doing the job himself leading to a lot of intrigue and conspiracy and eventually his death. This then brings him and the reader into hell, like a modern day scrooge, a Dante’s Inferno scenario. He later manages to escape from hell and tells the story from the outside when he gets his life back and totally turns his life around.

This will be George’s seventh book and will be free to download to all NewsFour readers. If the Book is successful online George plans to release 10 thousand hard copies into the public domain at a minimal price. If you are interested in reading more books by George his best seller to date would be ‘Tommy Two coats and Miss’s Jacob’s Coin’, a ninety thousand word book.

By Jason McDonnell