Terror Comes to Tidy Town

garden party4

On Thursday 22nd August, Sandymount was entered by Dublin City Council into this year’s Pride of Place competition. According to Tom Dowling, Chairman of Pride of Place, “The competition is about showing respect and inclusion for every sector in our communities, young, old, rich or poor and creating communities to which the people are proud to say they belong”.

A garden party was held in the afternoon on the village green to welcome the judges, who were so impressed they ended up staying for the whole afternoon. Sandymount’s entry into the competition is a joint initiative between Sandymount Tidy Towns committee, local businesses and the Sandymount and Merrion Residents Association (SAMRA). The results will be announced in early November.

Last year, Sandymount was awarded the Tidy Towns Urban Village award, but this October terror is coming to the tidy town in the shape of two Halloween themed contests in conjunction with Christ Church Sandymount’s harvest festival.

The Harvest Thanksgiving takes place across Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October, and to add to the spooky Halloween atmosphere, SAMRA have organised scarecrow and pumpkin contests.

Residents and local businesses are encouraged to erect scarecrows in an area visible to passersby; front lawns, shop windows etc. A panel of six judges will inspect the scarecrows and announce the winners of the residential and business categories at 1pm in Christ Church hall on Saturday 19th as part of the Sandymount Market Craft Fair. The church, which will be open to the public from 11am to 5pm, will itself be decorated with scarecrows.

Those wishing to enter the pumpkin contest should bring their creations to the village green at 2pm on the same day, where judging will take place alongside children’s events including fancy dress, ghost stories and face painting.

Prizes for both events will be donated by local traders. Application forms are available from Bennett’s Auctioneers on the green and the entry fee is €10 for a scarecrow and €5 for a pumpkin.

By Eric Hillis