Christmas Style Yourself Fabulous Fundraising Event


Frances Jones of Image Matters (based in Sandymount, Dublin) recently featured in the New York Times where she spoke about the sartorial challenges faced by women in the corporate world. She will host an event to impart her knowledge of the six key styles of self branding at Sandymount Hotel tomorrow night.

For the corporate and business world how a woman dresses is a matter of importance. It is about creating the right impression for management, colleagues and various clients and accommodating these different people can be a challenge. Men’s “uniform” of a suit, shirt and tie is long established but with women more on the rise in corporations they are still negotiating the right clothing for the right situations. Presented with so many choices in style and fashion this can be a time consuming, expensive and a perilous activity.

Frances Jones can guide you through this and much more at the Christmas Style Yourself Fabulous event tomorrow evening in the Sandymount Hotel. The emphasis will be on six key styles, Creative, Dramatic, Romantic, Classic, Natural and EuroChic. Image consultant Frances  says “Every woman has a distinctive style personality, I’m going to help the attendees discover which one they are and offer style tips, advice and ‘Festive Looks’ to suit each type.”

Whether it is for personal or corporate style, the right style will imbue the woman with confidence to go about her business on a day to day basis, so rather that clothing being a worry it will be an asset to her. The event is a fundraiser for Sandymount Matero Friendship Programme and is being supported by boutiques and shops in Sandymount Village – who are also donating prizes for a draw at the end of the evening.

Image: Sandymount Hotel
By Leeza Kane