New Dublin Online TV Channel Launched Today

image for DubzTV

Michael Cullen and Dave Duggan launched their brand new online channel DubzTV today with the aim to capture what’s happening on our Dublin streets.

“We want to film documentaries, comedy and music videos but from places in Dublin where you wouldn’t normally get those” says Michael. The channel’s intention is to be inventive and different without any serious topics or debates.  “We want to keep it quirky and have a worldwide appeal,” Dave tells NewsFour. Michael and Dave have been working hard the last few months filming and coming up with new ideas for their project. One of the ideas is to re-enact The Beatles’ first trip to Ireland. Michael told NewsFour that he spoke with 5 people who were at the concert in 1963 so they will base their documentary on their story and what they saw.

DubzTV are receiving a lot of interest from people all around Dublin looking to share their ideas with the possibility of those concepts being created. The boys will be filming in Ringsend in the next few weeks. If you would like to develop your TV skills or if you have any ideas and want to get involved, contact David or Michael on their website or Facebook page. Be among the first to log on to DubzTv to check what it’s all about!

 By Donna Dunne