Water Restrictions to Continue


Dubliners have been looking at dry sinks in despair for the past few days. This is set to continue, despite reports of water falling from the sky.

Although in some parts of Dublin city there seems to be no water shortage at all, with people sharing images over the weekend of power washers being used to clean Central Bank and Court Services on www.broadsheet.ie.

Drinking water has been stored in jugs and containers in family kitchens across Dublin and bottled water sales have been up due to low water levels at the Ballymore Eustace plant in Kildare. Water has been restricted for Dublin and surrounding areas for the last 7 days between 8pm and 7am every night, even though some people have reported they had no water until at least 2pm during the day. But the restrictions are due to be lifted this Thursday, according to engineers from Dublin City Council.

With the new water charges starting in October 2014, people could be forgiven for feeling hard done by with the current problems and perhaps now the public will have higher expectations of our water system in one of the wettest countries in the world.

With low water levels, current debates about fluoride and new unforeseen problems arising from one of our most important and vital to life resources, water quality could become a major topic of interest for the general public. Engineers had been working around the clock at the plant to fix the current water restrictions without progress, so they drafted in water experts and engineers from the UK to resolve the unprecedented issues and can confirm, with caution, that Thursday should see an end to dry taps.

By Leeza Kane