DCC Notes

DCC Notes

Poolbeg Costs

Dublin City Council allegedly paid two PR firms €200,000 a month in fees for work concerning the Poolbeg Incinerator.

Earlier last month, the European Commission asked Dublin City Council to kill a pricey contract concerning the incinerator. The contract, which concerns advice and representative services, was billed to come in at €8.3 million – it turns out it has cost the Council €30 million. “This payment was supposed to have ceased in May, as far as we’re aware the payment is still continuing at €200,000 a month,” said Fine Gael Cllr. Paddy McCartan.

In 2001, Dublin City Council signed contracts with RPS – a consultancy company and with a firm called COWI, another international consultancy firm who undertake the same job as RPS. “We should call a halt now to the Poolbeg Incinerator,” said Labour Cllr. Dermot Lacey. “We need to develop and enhance Dublin Bay, not develop it for more industrial/incinerator use.” Cllr. McCartan said he will be putting a question to the Dublin City Council in its December meeting where he’ll ask if the contract was terminated and probe how much has been paid since February. Dublin City Council failed to comment about the allegations.

Traffic Issues

Cllr. McCartan raised an issue regarding disabled parking spots in Sandymount and asked for it to be brought to the attention of the Council.

On another point, he said ramps on Pigeon House Road are slightly dangerous. “There is absolutely no reason for that degree of ramp,” said Cllr. McCartan.

Cllr. Lacey said it’s time fellow councillors sat around a table with residents to “stitch together” a final solution to the traffic problems around Dublin 4 and the South East Area.

On a separate question, Cllr. McCartan requested that Dublin City Council install speed limit signs on the Sean Moore Road in Ringsend. Dublin City Council said the speed limit on the road is 50km per hour and referred the matter to the Area Traffic Engineer for consideration.

Cllr. Jim O’Callaghan of Fianna Fáil asked Dublin City Council if the Strand Road, located in Sandymount could be considered for resurfacing and if a three-tonne limit can be applied to the road. Dublin Council said they had no budget to cover such a resurfacing in 2013’s budget but said the Strand Road could be considered for the 2014 budget. The Traffic Advisory Group will examine a proposal for a three-tonne limit.

Drainage Issues

Cllr. McCartan put a motion to the City Council meeting requesting information relating to the Dodder Flood Relief works. He asked when the Dodder wall will be completed in Ballsbridge and if the flood preventions around Merrion Cricket Club can go ahead. Dublin City Council is still drafting a reply.

Above: Sandymount Strand.

Compiled by Liam Cahill