4 Motivational Rules for The Year Ahead

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Let’s be honest, January certainly feels like the most depressing month of the year. All your money has dried up (thanks Christmas), you forgot about last year’s exercise commitment and the summer feels like it’s 7 years away.

Fear not, here are 4 ways to get you pumped up for the New Year.

Rule number 1: positive thinking. This is really, really important, think positively about things. It’s been proven, by scientists, that thinking in a positive mind frame can drastically improve the outcome of your mid-term goals (and if you don’t have mid-term goals maybe you should think of getting some). If you have no idea what I am talking about, use this as inspiration:

Al Pacino – Any Given Sunday – Inch By Inch

Rule number 2: music. This may sound like a bit of a cliche, but music does really help set your day’s mood in motion. Let’s take The Real McCoy as an example: it gets you moving and gives you hope for your Friday night dance.

Real McCoy – Another Night

Rule number 3: Use something to inspire you. This can be a person, or a place, or a movie. In my case it’s kind of a mixture of all three, but particularly movies. Watching a movie helps you escape for a moment from the problem at hand (it doesn’t mean you ignore the short term goals I mentioned earlier) but certainly you can use movies to improve your motivation. It doesn’t have to be a sports movie, many of which contain a fixture of inspiring scenes like this one:

Miracle Speech – You were born for this

Rule number 3: Make a short plan. It doesn’t have to be big a detailed, but it should set out what you want to accomplish in the next few months, like giving your all to the gym, finding a new job and getting over the January blues.

Image by Kim Haughton from the NewsFour archives
By Liam Cahill