Brugh Pádraig Memories

Brugh Padraig Boys

The annual mass for deceased members of Brugh Pádraig leaders and chaplins was held in St Andrew’s Community Centre on the 1st of November 2013. A large number of past members of the youth club turned up, it was the biggest number in recent years. Mass was celebrated by one of the ex-chaplins Bishop James Moriarty.

This mass is one of the highlights of the year for us Brugh Pádraig boys as is the chat of old times after mass with a cuppa, biscuits and cake. Among some older members and leaders who attend were Jimmy Marsh, his sister May, and Noel Nutley, who helped as a minister of the Eucharist. The chat turned as always to the old days in Terenure Technical School grounds where the sports were held, camping in various places such as Wexford and Tipperary, drama competitions in Rathmines Town Hall where on occasion the Brugh came first with the play The Monkey’s Paw. One particular activity always spoken about is boot repairs, a class we did like wood work or arts and crafts.

One of our favourite memories is about sodality which we had to do one Sunday of every month in the little church on Merrion Square. It finished at half nine or half ten on Sunday morning and then there was a race to get out to Terenure for the match after mass.

During December Pat Carroll’s get-together was held in O’Neill’s of Pearse Street, and on Saturday December the 9th annual Christmas dinner dance took place in Sportslink in Santry. These events have already taken place, but it’s good to know Brugh Pádraig is alive and well. Perhaps you will join us at these events next year.

For more information on the events contact Jimmy on 086 3315201.

If anyone knows the names of the Brugh boys in this picture please contact NewsFour.

By Jimmy Purdy