The Lesser Spotted Valentine’s Day Ostrich

Valentine's Day for One rocky horror

If the title has you confused, don’t be. Chances are you have been, or have known a lesser-spotted Valentine’s Day ostrich.

When that day rolls around as it does once a year, they bury their head in the sand, either because they hate it or because they’re between partners and are “totally ok with it, ok!” Here are a few ideas about what to do if you’re dateless when the day comes.

Nothing beats the lonely-heart blues like a change of scene and new people. If you’re the out-going, physical type then Surf Ireland are running a Valentine’s singles weekend. €99 a head and maybe a tenner for petrol money will get you two nights away in Donegal.

No experience is required, first-time surfers are welcome, and there’s ample time for recreation if the water isn’t your thing. You never know who you might meet. For more information, contact the organisers via

Or arguably the crown jewel of how to be single in Dublin on Valentine’s night is the Rocky Horror Picture Show Anti-Valentine’s Delight. Event organiser Sarah Clancy told us that the unofficial tagline is “No pants or partners necessary”. This may seem a bit risque but it’s all in good fun. “On paper, the Rocky Horror Picture Show may seem a bit depraved but when you see it, it has so many layers. It’s transgressive without being explicit. We’ve had kids come along on the night with their parents and win the best-dressed competition.”

The anti-Valentine’s aspect is front and centre too. “All the attention is on the performances and the film and we expect full audience participation,” says Sarah, with mock seriousness. “There’s zero expectation to mingle.”

By Rúairí Conneely