Dip in the Nip 2014

Dip in the Nip, Lissadell, Sligo 2009 Picture: Frances Muldoon Photography

Dip in the Nip, Lissadell, Sligo 2009
Picture: Frances Muldoon Photography

Break out your birthday suit for charity with the Dip in the Nip!

The world’s first skinny dip for charity, the event raises money for cancer charities throughout Ireland, with over €300,000 raised since 2009.

Amongst its aims, the Dip in the Nip Foundation wants to ensure that all chemotherapy patients who wish to have access to a scalp cooler, can achieve that within five years. These devices minimise the hair loss that happens due to chemotherapy, and in many cases can prevent it altogether.

People of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to take part. According to the Foundation, “it’s more than getting naked, getting cold and getting wet. In the ocean, everyone is equal. Proud bellies, mastectomy scars, cellulite, we’re all there. Skinny-dipping is the ultimate in life-affirmation, so the Dip in the Nip lets us celebrate life in all its beauty.”

As one Dipper who had undergone a double mastectomy put it, “My first thought was I would love to do that. My second thought was that I would be a freak. And then I realised; I have to do it. For me.”

There are four Dips happening across the country as part of this year’s event, each in support of a local cancer charity. The Dublin event will take place this Sunday and is in support of the ARC Cancer Support Centre. The time and location will be revealed 24 hours before the Dip to those who have registered.

To register, or for more information, visit the Dip in the Nip website.

By Aimée Mac Leod

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