Eircode is Coming


In the spring of 2015 this country will lead the way in an area of technology when Ireland adopts a unique postcode system called Eircode.

As it stands, 35% of Irish addresses lack a unique digit or defining name. With this progressive smart technology, every Irish address will be quickly and easily identifiable. It is hoped that the code will benefit public services, businesses and residential addresses, particularly rural, and that efficiency will dramatically improve in many areas.

Eircode will be a user-friendly system, employing a memorable code that can be used to easily access local services with smart phones and other devices, thus improving delivery of goods and, more importantly, making it easier to access locations in a medical emergency.

Eircodes will be appointed to all places where post is delivered. There will be no need to change address, as the code will simply be added to current addresses.

The seven digit code will be broken into two parts: a three digit routing key and a unique four digit identifier. The routing key relates to a specific area, similar to currently used area codes in telecommunications, while the unique identifier pinpoints the exact address.

The project and website was officially launched on April 28th and there will be a high-profile public information programme in early 2015 that will lead up to the allocation of an Eircode to every Irish address later that year.

For further information see www.eircode.ie

By Maria Shields O’Kelly

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