Gym Equipment for Sandymount Promenade

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Sandymount Promenade has seen the installation of outdoor gym equipment at six locations along the current fitness trail.

Brian Kirk of Dublin City Council’s South East Area Office states that, “The installation of this equipment is in line with Dublin City Council’s promotion of sport and recreation for all its citizens by providing a range of activities aimed at encouraging physical exercise among people of all ages.”

The equipment mirrors other city and county council sites that have successfully implemented the initiative as part of this policy. Many of the machines are wheelchair accessible.

NewsFour spoke to Michael Noonan, of DCC’s Parks Services. “Park Services are delighted to be working with Outfit Fitness Equipment Ltd, who have gifted the gym equipment to the city,” he said. “It is hoped that the equipment installed along the seafront will encourage the general public and the local community to get more active by using the outdoor gym equipment as part of their exercise regime.”

Get Out and Get Fit is Outfit’s motto, and Chris Glynn of the company tells NewsFour how they had exhibited the equipment in last year’s Bloom festival in the Phoenix Park, where it was spotted by a representative of DCC. The decision was then taken to gift the apparatus to the city, enhancing the company’s profile to the same success levels as elsewhere in the country, where the equipment is installed in hospitals, hotels, rehab centres, fitness trails, and parks.

Glynn tells NewsFour, “There was a local resident who voiced concern that it might attract vandals, but generally the response has been positive.” There were ongoing talks between all parties involved in the process during the planning stage, which included the Sandymount and Merrion Residents Association.

Sarah Staunton, spokesperson for SAMRA, has this to say on behalf of the group, “SAMRA welcomes any improvements to amenities that will benefit the residents and the greater public. We hope that this initiative from Dublin City Council will prove to be of benefit to everyone”. With summer on its way, there is now no excuse not to get out and get fit.

By Maria Shields O’Kelly

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