CRAI Call on Minister Kelly to Change the Law for Local Democracy

An artist's impression of the proposed incinerator.

An artist’s impression of the proposed incinerator.

Combined Residents Against Incineration (CRAI) have called on the government to change the Waste Management Act 2001, to return decision making authority over waste management issues to the locally elected councillors in Dublin City Council.

The Waste Management Act 2001 removed the ability of councillors to stop the actions of the Dublin City Council CEO moving ahead with the Poolbeg Incinerator.

The announcement came at a recent meeting of CRAI, and locals held on Wednesday 29th October in the Clanna Gael Hall. The meeting was informed by CRAI’s chairperson Frances Corr that the main campaign must be a legal challenge which would require funding. CRAI are currently preparing a legal challenge against the incinerator which has yet to to be submitted. Terry Byrne agreed to take on the position of financial organiser at the meeting.

At the meeting some suggested that the media was trying to portray that ‘it is all over now’ and that campaigners cannot stop the Poolbeg Incinerator, but CRAI insisted that this was not the case. They also stated that they must unite all the people and make them aware that the campaign existed, and that it is a national issue rather than just a Dublin issue, as waste will need to come from all over Ireland for the incinerator to reach its design goals.

Groups present at the meeting included People Before Profit Alliance, Sinn Fein and the Green Party. These groups agreed to liaise with CRAI’s Rory Hearne about erecting posters for events and highlighting the issue at council level. Councillors in attendance included Claire Byrne, Paddy McCartan, and Chris Andrews. A collection after the meeting raised monies towards a leaflet.

It was agreed to hold a public protest on Thursday 13th November at the Point Depot Roundabout from 5pm until 7.p.m. CRAI’s aims are that the protest includes pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Councillor Paddy Mac Cartan offered to supply some high visible jackets.

If you wish to support the campaign and you can sign the petition calling on Minister Alan Kelly T.D. to change the Waste Management Act 2001, and visit the CRAI Facebook page.

By Ferg Hayden