Give Your Bra For Cancer

Pictured far left: Michele O' Briain, with members of Sandymount Business Network.

Pictured far left: Michele O’ Briain, with members of Sandymount Business Network.

The Marie Keating Foundation has launched the Give Your Bra For Cancer Appeal with local resident Michele O’ Briain as co-ordinator.

The primary function of the project is for local residents and businesses to donate bras in order to raise money for breast cancer research. Michele O’ Briain is involved locally with the Foundation campaign, where Roche Pharmaceuticals pay one euro to the Foundation for each bra donated during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Michele herself is from a marketing background and has utilised her contacts in the area, with support from the Sandymount Business Network, to bolster the Appeal.

Those who wish to involve themselves in the campaign are encouraged to place a box for the bras in their business as soon as possible with the Appeal’s printed colour posters on their noticeboards. Several businesses and clubs from the Dublin 4 area have already lent their support, most notably establishments such as Clanna Gael Fontenoy, Sober Lane, Ringsend & Irishtown Community Centre, Bradley’s Pharmacy, Energie Ballsbridge, Mira Mira and several of the local schools.

Clients of the businesses will be sent a “Pink” email to to certify that they are involved with the scheme and to request that they provide bras which in turn will hopefully generate extra footfall.

All money raised by the project goes towards services provided by the Marie Keating Foundation. These services include three mobile information units, the distribution of cancer information leaflets by nurses and financial support for cancer sufferers, notably those who do not have access to a car or their own transport. Foundation support helps to lessen the financial burden that people experience while undergoing treatment by also helping patients to pay for household bills and additional childcare. Michele got on board with the Foundation several weeks ago, and by doing so the initiative will raise vital funds for the Foundation, which relies on voluntary contributions and receives no government backing.

“The reception has been superb, very good from businesses”, Michele tells NewsFour. “I have between 20 and 25 businesses that came onboard.”

The main objective of the Marie Keating Foundation is the early detection of breast cancer, which can make the disease more treatable in a great many cases. There are on average 2,750 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. However the Foundation’s care is not limited to women, exemplified by an event held in the Aviva Stadium which focused on men. Chaired by Newstalk’s Chris O’ Donoghue, a cancer survivor himself, the evening focused on motivational speakers (including former Irish rugby player, Tony Ward) who elaborated on their various battles with the illness.

“A problem shared is a problem halved”, Michele says. “Don’t procrastinate. If you think there’s an issue go and see a doctor.”

The Give Your Bra For Cancer Appeal ends this week for those interested in donating bras to the cause. To request information you can find it online on the Marie Keating website. Information can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Get those bras in to your local businesses before its too late!

By Craig Kinsella