Public Meeting about the New Charities Authority


There will be a public meeting tonight at 7pm in the Hampton Hotel in Donnybrook about the new Charities Regulatory Authority.

Lucinda Creighton TD has invited Director of Advocacy at The Wheel (the umbrella network for Ireland’s charity sector), Mr Ivan Cooper to lay out what effect the new regulator will have on charitable organisations.

The Charities Regulatory Authority was established earlier this year to ensure compliance with the Charities Act 2009. Its powers include:

  • Maintaining a register of all recognised charities;
  • Requiring charities to pay the cost of maintaining the register;
  • Inspecting charities’ accounts and official records;
  • Obliging charities to disclose any files or documents which it deems appropriate;
  • Obliging individual directors or trustees to produce any documents in their possession which it deems necessary to its investigation;
  • Investigating the personal bank account of individual trustees where allegations of misconduct arise;
  • Publishing public reports in relation to inspected charities and their trustees.

Ms Creighton TD would be grateful if those interested in attending would send an email to

By Aimée Mac Leod