The Cummins family


We would like to express how grateful we all are for the support shown to us by everyone at the sad passing of Ross, much loved son and brother.

To everyone from Ringsend, Irishtown and Pearse Street. To Betty Purdy, Alan and Gavin Boland who looked after him at the end, we thank you so much and we are grateful he was with people who cared for him.

To all our family, friends and neighbours for their help and support, they were of great help to us. To Niamh his girlfriend, he will always be with you and we will be here for you always. To all of our neighbours and friends who fed us when we were not capable of feeding ourselves.

All of Ross’s friends you have been a great help to us, we are happy he was friends with such great lads. To Philip Ward and the staff at JP Ward Funeral Directors for taking such great care of him on his final journey, thanks to all of you. Thanks to the amazing crowd who were present at his funeral, memorial night and Run For Ross, you are all amazing.

To Pierce, Tomo, Dylan, Chris and Sharon for all your help with music and to all the DJs who played in Clanna Gael. To Shay Connolly and all the staff at Clanna Gael, thanks for all your help.

To all the staff who worked and knew Ross in Tesco Merrion, thank you all. Special thanks to the night staff, he not only worked with you, he was proud to have known you all as great friends.

On behalf of myself Jackie Cummins, thanks to all the staff at St Andrews for all your support and kindness, you are all amazing. Anyone who knew Ross will know he was the loudest in the room, first into the photo and very much the life of a party. He lived for travel and music and enjoyed life to the fullest. He will be missed by a lot of people but he is partying with all our loved ones who have gone before us. We will all be together some day, so while we are waiting to join them let’s all remember Ross and all our family members and friends who are together now.

Once again, to everyone who knows us, thank you so much for your support, it has sincerely helped.
Ross loved quotes so I will end with this for him. “Everybody dies but not everybody really lives.” “The music is ended but the melody lingers on.” And in Ross’s words – ENJOY IT!!!!!!