Dublin City Neighbourhoods Competition 2015

Grand Canal

Showcase your community with the Dublin City Neighbourhoods Competition!

Time is running out to enter the competition, which is open to residential groups, schools and businesses.

City Manager Owen P Keegan said, “The Dublin City Neighbourhoods Competition is run by the City Council to acknowledge in a meaningful way the selfless work done across our city by individuals, communities, businesses and schools. Entrants go to great lengths to improve and enhance their neighbourhoods, keeping them clean and well presented. At a corporate level, the competition is used to foster a sense of civic pride, place and community and also to promote environmental awareness.”

You can enter under the following categories:
Residential: 1-150 Dwellings; 151-300 Dwellings; Over 300 Dwellings; Flat / Apartment Complex; Senior Citizen Complex; Garden; Open Green Space; Community Environment Initiative; Urban Village; Mixed Use Street; Allotment / Community Garden.
Business: Shop Front; Business Environment Initiative; Waste Management Initiative; Sustainability Initiative (Water Conservation / Energy Efficiency).
Special categories: Individual Contribution; Best New Entry; Endeavour Award (most improved entry).
The Urban Village and Mixed Use Street categories can be a joint effort between local residents and business.

To be eligible, entries must contain complete entry forms, signed by a representative of the group, school or business; four photographs to give an impression of the area and any improvements made, with the group or entrant’s name, address and contact details on the back; and a sketch with the area to be judged clearly marked. Send your entry, marked “CITY NEIGHBOURHOODS COMPETITION” to Dublin City Council, Waste Management Services Division, 68/70 Marrowbone Lane, Dublin 8.

A hard copy of the brochure/entry form is available from Dublin City Council offices on Wood Quay. The closing date for entries is this Friday, May 15. Judging will take place in June, before citywide judging happens in July. However the Schools Competition will be judged in September.

By Aimée Mac Leod