Road Safety Message from Easytrip

Easytrip winter driving

Pic: Easytrip

Dark winter days have drawn in on us and with Storms Abigail and Barney giving the country a sound thrashing, Easytrip are reminding all drivers to make sure they can see and be seen! Here are their tips for staying safe:

  • Be safe, be seen: use dipped lights even before darkness has fallen.
  • In fading light and darkness, pay particular attention to other vulnerable road users such as cyclists, and pedestrians, especially in areas without street lighting or proper footpaths.
  • Slow down if the dazzle from the headlights of oncoming traffic is distracting you – and remember to dip your full headlights for oncoming traffic.
  • Keep your windscreen clean as streaked windows can make it impossible to see in the dark.
  • In darkness always drive at a speed at which you can stop within the distance revealed ahead from your lights (normally 30 metres for dipped lights and 100 metres for full headlights).
  • Driving at night exposes cars with faulty lights which can lead to penalty points so make sure all the lights on your car are in working order including indicators and brake lights.
  • It’s more difficult to judge a safe gap in the dark so never overtake unless you are absolutely certain it is safe to do so.

Easytrip’s General Manager Colin Delaney pointed out the dangers that come with this darkening time of year: “It is vital that motorists can both see and be seen by other road users at this time of year and in particular for new drivers that may not have had driving lessons at night time. Driving in the dark with restricted vision can be a stressful experience for some drivers so we are reminding motorists to put on your dipped headlights during the day and use your headlights correctly during the evening and at night.”

By Aimée Mac Leod