Remembering Ringsend in 1916

Pictured Above: Ringsend College.

Pictured Above: Ringsend College.

Want to find out about Ringsend during the 1916 Rising? Ringsend College is running a free ten-week course from tomorrow!

All are welcome to attend Remembering Ringsend in 1916, which will not only delve into what was happening in Ringsend at the time, but will also hear about the family members who were involved in the Rising from those who attend. The course will feature guest speakers, a walking tour and an end-of-course celebration!

With the focus on recording and researching the events of the Rising, the college hopes to publish the stories gathered either online or in print once the course has ended.

Remembering Ringsend in 1916 begins tomorrow from 10am to 12.30pm, and will be taking place every Friday morning until May. If you want to register or find out more about the course, call Priscilla on (01) 668 4871.

By Aimée Mac Leod