Aviva Stadium Community Fund Scheme 2016

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Applications for the Aviva Stadium Community Fund Scheme are open for 2016!

Created in 2007, the fund has provided support to almost 300 community projects within a one kilometre radius of the Aviva Stadium.

Allocation of the grants is decided on by the Stadium Community Committee, which includes members from residents associations, local area councillors, officers of Dublin City Council and representatives from the Lansdowne Road Stadium Development Company, which makes a sizeable contribution to the fund each year.

The fund aims to benefit the stadium’s surrounding communities through equitable allocation, achieving the best possible value from the fund every year.

All kinds of community projects from not-for-profit groups will be considered, including schools, heritage projects and festivals, with a broad range in between. Projects that create a community service or facility, can be accessed by different sections of the community, and address social exclusion of community cohesion will be favoured. All projects must begin in 2016, and a maximum of 50% of the cost of any project will be granted, with the organisers expected to raise the rest.

To download an application form, simply click here. All applications must be submitted before April 30, and be addressed to:

Aviva Stadium Community Grants Scheme 2016
c/o Roddy Guiney, Honorary Secretary,
Stadium Community Committee,
c/o WH,
6 Ely Place,
Dublin 2

By Aimée Mac Leod

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