The Princess Returns

The Caribbean Princess at one of it's international destinations

The Caribbean Princess at one of it’s international destinations. Pic by Yankeesman312, via Wikimedia Commons

The Caribbean Princess returned to Dublin Port again today for the fifth time this cruise season. It remains one of the biggest cruise ships to take regular stops in Dublin.

MS Caribbean Princess is a modified Grand Class cruise ship owned and operated by Princess Cruises, with a capacity of over 3,600 passengers.

Below is a nighttime shot of the Caribbean Princess on one of it’s previous visits to Dublin. It arrived by night and the image is taken by Robbie Cox who operates one of the port’s pilot boats. NewsFour will be showcasing some of Robbie’s great pictures of this seasons cruise ships in the next issue of our newspaper in August.

Pic by Robbie Cox

Pic by Robbie Cox

By Ferg Hayden