Learn about and Protect the Local Bat Habitat

Poster For Daubenton's Bat Survey Training 2016

Image provided by Niamh Ni Cholmain.

Dublin City Council will host Bat Conservation Ireland’s Bat Talk and Walk in Herbert Park, Ballsbridge on Thursday July 14th. It will run from 8.30pm to 10.30pm.

The trek will be led by led by Tina Aughney of Bat Conservation Ireland, who will give training in bat surveying using bat detectors on the bank of the River Dodder.

The event is part of the preparation for the Annual Daubenton’s Bat Survey, which will take place throughout August.

The Daubenton’s Bat prefers to roost and feed next to rivers and lakes, and is hence known as the river bat. It tends to weigh between 7 and 11 grams, is usually found skimming the surface of water and feeds on insects. Bats are a protected species under wildlife legislation and attending and participating in this event can help with their conservation.

All are welcome to the event, which will be held at The Hive in Herbert Park, Ballsbridge. No booking is required.

Map Of Herbert Park-page-001

Location of The Hive
Image provided by Niamh Ni Cholmain.

By Kevin Carney