The Cinema Corner – July 1st

Movie of the week - Queen of Earth

Movie of the week – Queen of Earth

Released in the US in 2015, the gripping indie psycho-drama Queen of Earth finally gets a release on these shores. Elizabeth Moss is terrifying as a young woman undergoing an emotional breakdown while recovering from a breakup at a friend’s lakeside home. But is her friend helping her or enacting some sort of revenge? Misanthropic but mesmerising.

Central Intelligence

Action comedy Central Intelligence pairs the always watchable Dwayne Johnson with the always unwatchable Kevin Hart, but the movie cleverly casts both against type, with Hart as the straight man and Johnson as the comic foil. As such, it’s a lot more enjoyable than you might expect.

Now You See Me 2

We seem to be getting a sequel every week lately, and this week’s is another one nobody really asked for – Now You See Me 2. This one suffers from the same central issue as its predecessor, in that it’s impossible to impress an audience with magic tricks when we know they’re simply being manipulated with CG.

King Kong

The highlight for Dublin movie lovers this week is the Irish Film Institute’s annual Open Day this Saturday. All movies are free, and the highlights include retro screenings of White Heat, King Kong and Repo Man, and previews of upcoming movies The Clan, The Neon Demon and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. A once a year opportunity not to be missed!

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