Beech Hill Community Day

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Saturday July 16th, 2016 was a very special day for the Beech Hill Community. Anticipation had been gathering for people for many weeks and now the Beech Hill Community Day was finally here.

There was music and song thanks to the contributions from Mr Oliver Murray who regaled us with renditions of such old favourites as, “It’s a long way to Tipperary”, “21 Years” and “Two Little Orphans” also played on keyboard. His renditions were enthusiastically joined in with as the crowd gathered. It was great to hear that although many were not quite as young as others, the voices were loud and clear. Take a bow, Beech Hill singers!

Speaking of taking bows, we must all tip our hats to the wonderful organisation that went into making this community day a treat for all who attended. These things don’t happen by themselves, they need careful and meticulous planning for months in advance. Catering, refreshments, prizes, signage and not to mention a lovely sunny day, all have to be prepared with military precision.

Esther McGrath and her team of volunteers have done the community proud once again by organising a wonderful family-centric community day for us all to be proud of. A special thanks also go to the community officer, Catherine Farrell, for her help with organising the event.

Youngsters were happy to have a feed of chicken nuggets while the older folk were tucking into the more traditional affair of sandwiches and cocktail sausages, accompanied by tea and coffee.

Something for everyone was the order of the day.

Of course, there was also a raffle and prizes. The lucky winners went home with chocolates, scented candles, and perfume. It was great to see a small community simply enjoying a summer’s day together.

By Kevin MacSharry