Walk the Grand Canal

Grand Canal at Hazelhatch

As part of Ireland’s National Biodiversity Week, the Irish Wildlife Trust will be taking a gentle stroll up and down the Grand Canal path this Saturday to observe the variety of wildlife on display.

The event will be led by Tim Clabon, freshwater biology specialist and director of the Irish Wildlife Trust who will look at how canals play a role in protecting biodiversity and supporting tourism, as well as threats to biodiversity from changes to the canal environment.

This is a linear walk that should last around 2.5 hours, starting and finishing at McEvoys Pub in Hazelhatch from 10.30am. Children must be accompanied by an adult and don’t forget to wear practical footwear.

There is no charge for the event, but please email Tim on tclabon@yahoo.co.uk with any booking requests.

By: Paul O’Rourke