The Sean Moore Community Awards 2017

Pictured:The group of winners.
Photos by Kevin O’Gorman.

On the evening of May 24th at Clanna Gael Fontenoy the annual Sean Moore Community Awards rolled around again and a new crop of local heroes were recognised for their tireless contributions to the community and to family and friends.

Róisín Ingle presented the evening with the help of the Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr and local Mayor Deke Rivers. Dermot Lacey opened the event with a speech and refreshments were supplied by the Fair Play Cafe.

Robin Booth has been teaching in St Patrick’s Boys’ National School for 44 years where he has helped and encouraged the students in so many ways over the years. “We had a great group of teachers in Ringsend, if you take a good teacher and put them in a shed with a few tables, a few copy books and a blackboard, they teach. I have an extraordinary group of teachers.”

Paul Kiely and Audrey Kenny were given a special commendation for saving the life of Celine Byrne’s husband, Tony, in March of this year by administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and CPR until the ambulance service arrived. Tony Byrne is making a good recovery.

Vincent O’Brien is a valued member of the Donnybrook Tidy Towns and has taken on the onerous task of maintaining and planting flowers in the village. “I’d like to thank the people who nominated me for this. I love doing what I do and I’m just overwhelmed by it.”

Maureen Bohan has been a member of the Sandymount Ladies Club for the past 45 years during which time she has been a dedicated Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. “Thank you very much to everybody who has put me up for this award.”

Pat Gallagher in recognition of his outstanding community work and efforts to improve the quality of life of the residents in Donnybrook by keeping the area clean and well maintained. “I feel embarrassed, I just do it because I live in the area and I’m a firm believer if there’s dirt, dirt will be added to it!”

Ian Bolger is a leader of Donnybrook Youth Club for the last 30 years. He is an inspiration to junior leaders who have learnt so much from his patience and dedication.“I’ll cheerfully strangle the young leaders on friday when I get them! Its an honour to get this. I do it because I enjoy it and the kids are so good.”

Lorna Kelly Planning Officer of the Sandymount and Merrion Residents Association (SAMRA) is the first recipient of this special Award. Jack Torpay was a founding member of SAMRA. “In honour of Jack I accept this.”

Joe McCann is Chairman of Bath Avenue and District Residents Association (BADRA) and under his guidance and commitment the organisation has gone from strength to strength. “I’m just one person on a very hardworking committee. We plan to continue to blaze a trail of new initiatives to involve the community in as many things as we can.”

Richard Saunders has been working with the boating community in Ringsend for many years by teaching rowing, towing skiffs to regattas, making oars and so much more. “It’s a great honour for me to win this trophy. I’d like to accept this for my wife, when I’m down at the club for long hours fixing the boats, Marie is at home waiting for me, she’s my rock.”

Vincent O’Brien acceped on behalf of Sean Brennan who has been leader of Donnybrook Tidy Towns since its establishment and has been tireless in his efforts to maintain a strong and vibrant committee. Vincent said of Sean, “He’s the backbone of our Tidy Towns, he was one of the founders of it and without Seanie and his team there would be no tidy towns.”

Angela Barry is an outstanding neighbour and friend to many people in the community through her compassion, generosity and support. Angela was visibly overwhelmed and said “It makes me feel very humble. I was just want to say thank you.”

Bobby Joe Barry has dedicated his life to the care of his brother and in recent years to his mother Nell with good humour and selflessness. Bobby Joe accepted his award with a big hand in the air and a good natured “Thanks.”

Derek Richardson has bravely faced his own personal problems and now volunteers in the Light House in Pearse Street and with the No Bucks Mobile Café for the homeless. “It’s been emotional,” he said with a big smile and cheer from his family and friends.

Joe Keegan had been an extremely helpful and friendly neighbour to the people of Stella Gardens and in the general locality for many years. “I’m just one of a group of five or six people. The work we do is not really classified as work, it’s a labour of love. If you can do anything in our city to beautify it, do it.”

Paddy Troy has given over 22 years to Clanna Gael Fontenoy as coach, mentor and administrator and is highly regarded by all club members. “It’s things like this that I don’t be expecting to get. Year after year the Sean Moore Awards were awarded and I was standing there at the back door, little did I know then I’d be standing at this end tonight.”

By Jessica Ellis.