Review: Eating Sins at Poolbeg

The Sin Eaters

Poolbeg lab is the perfect venue. The approach takes you past the newly built Covanta, where our national waste is now dumped and destroyed.

At the port, large ships wait to ferry our citizens to places where laws are loose, like the wagging tongues of the country villages they leave behind.

Waiting outside for the performance to begin, and it feels like it already has. To the left stands the imposing Poolbeg Hotel, the kind of place that you know must hold dark secrets. To the right, the even more imposing Poolbeg Chimneys, illegally scaled last year by a free climbing Danish teenager, showing no regard for the laws of this state.

Ushered inside the abandoned laboratory and it’s clear what this production is about – Laws, State, Secrets. The actors are entirely female, their story is one of abuse, compliance and persecution. The small audience for each 60 minute performance are asked to witness, and in some cases record, what is happening. Guided through the maze of rooms as stories of cruelty and shame are revealed, the women are on trial by a compliant society, their accusers today exposed as the ones in need of contrition.

Exit from the darkness of the abandoned lab and memories of a murky past, into the light of modern day Ireland. Drive home past the incinerator, the building is new but what we send to the dump is still the same. As we struggle, kicking and screaming, from hypocricsy to democracy, has anything really changed?

Sin Eaters, which continues as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival until October 15th, is a must see, must feel, interactive experience in an amazing setting. If you are Irish, go, hang your head in shame, and then raise it as you leave, in the hope of a better future.

4 Stars.

By: Paul O’Rourke