The Cinema Corner – May 25th

Movie of the week – Piranha

Joe Dante’s killer fish thriller, 1978’s Piranha, plays late Friday night at the Lighthouse. Though made as a quick cash-in on the late ’70s Jaws-influenced creature feature fad, it stands on its own right thanks to Dante’s direction, which gets good value for its limited budget, and a script by John Sayles that explores environmental issues that continue to remain relevant today.

Three Days of the Condor

The Irish Film Institute is hosting ‘Trust No One’, a season of classic and overlooked conspiracy thrillers. This week you can catch Robert Redford on the run from shady government forces in Three Days of the Condor (Sunday), and two cold war era German thrillers, The Lost Honour of Katherina Blum (Saturday) and Knife in the Head (Wednesday).

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars fans once had to wait 16 years between instalments, but now there’s one every few months. A mere five months after The Last Jedi hit cinemas we now get Solo: A Star Wars Story, which explores the origins of Han Solo. Alden Ehrenreich does his best in the role but he can’t emulate the dangerous charm of Harrison Ford’s version, and the movie suffers badly from a lazy script that lacks energy and simply ticks off fan-pleasing boxes. Bring back George Lucas!

By Eric Hillis of