DCC notes For April and May 2018

Compiled By Paul Carton

Photo by Eugene Carolan.

On the 9th of April the South East Area committee meeting occurred with Brian Hanney as acting South East Area manager (SEAM)

Tree Programme for 2018:
Councillor Claire Byrne queried the SEAM as to the details behind why trees in Stella Gardens/Rosary Terrace are scheduled for felling and replacement, as she was concerned the new trees might change the streetscape of the neighbourhood.
Cllr Byrne was informed by the SEAM that four large trees have been selected for removal at these locations as they are deemed to be over-mature for the location, in excess of 45 feet in height, and are not in scale with the surrounding dwellings.
The trees are of mixed species including Limes (Tilia species) and Plane tree (Platanus acerifolia.) In time it is anticipated that the trees will be replaced with smaller-growing more suitable street trees e.g. Turkish Hazel (Corylus colorna) or flowering crab apple (Malus triloba.)
These replacements, says the SEAM, will be undertaken subject to a street survey for services and tree roots prior to the next planting season.

On behalf of residents on Marlborough Road, Cllr Frank Kennedy told the SEAM that the Panda Waste Collection Service were collecting outside times of permissible hours laid down in bye-laws and this breach occurred on two dates in March.
Cllr Kennedy asked the SEAM as to what procedure is in place to deter or punish these breaches. The SEAM informed Cllr Kennedy that as outlined in the waste collection bye-laws any company found in breach of them will be fined or prosecuted. The SEAM assured Cllr Kennedy that the Litter Management Office will investigate and take action.

LED Replacement Programme for 2018
Councillor Frank Kennedy asked the SEAM to examine the lighting on the road at Ailesbury Road, as he says the quality is poor and deteriorating. The SEAM confirmed that 10 lights on this road have already been replaced with LED lights and that as part of the 2018 programme they will aim to do the rest. The SEAM also stated that routine maintenance will also be carried out on this road as normal.

Areas logged onto Asset Management System for repair:
A major pothole in the middle of the road at the junction of Eastmoreland Place and Pembroke Road and damaged road surfaces on Belmont Avenue, Mount Eden Road and Donnybrook.

Cllr Kennedy requested a lollipop person at the new site of Shellybanks Educate Together National School in Roslyn Park, Strand Road. The SEAM said that the Road Safety Unit will carry out pedestrian counts once the school has moved to establish if it’s warranted.

On the 14th of May at the South East Area meeting Rose Kenny was back in the SEAM chair.

Tree Programme for 2018:
Cllr Frank Kennedy informed the SEAM that trees along the Sean Moore Road, Ringsend had not been pruned in a while. The SEAM told Cllr Kennedy that they are pruned ‘almost’ on an annual basis, but that they provide a buffer for pollution and noise from that busy road and also as a defence against prevailing winds. The SEAM confirmed an inspection was carried out on these trees and that no additional work was needed on the trees.

Traffic, Driving & Parking
There are issues on Fitzwilliam Street in Ringsend regarding parking. At the underground carpark at the Bottleworks, residents who have spaces in there requested a yellow traffic box to prevent illegal parking there. This was denied by the traffic advisory group. Beside that at Tesco, the loading bay parking spaces paint is fading and illegal parking is becoming a nuisance for deliveries and shoppers. The SEAM confirmed that if they are faded they will be repainted within 30 days of this meeting. Down the road at Aikenhead Terrace two new bollards will be installed to prevent motorists using Fitzwilliam Quay and Dermot O’Hurley avenue for ‘rat runs.’

A ‘truck load’ of rubbish still remains at Sandymount Strand near the Merrion Gates despite residents’ best efforts of a clean up. Cllr Frank Kennedy requests the DCC to clear the rest due to a health and safety risk, to which the SEAM confirmed arrangements will be made.
Up at the entrance to the Irishtown Nature Park Cllr Paddy McCartan sees a need for a ‘big belly bin’ to be placed opposite the entrance to Marine Drive. But the SEAM was content with the service the Irishtown Nature Park receives at present.
LED Replacement Programme for 2018:
Havelock square near the Aviva Stadium, is to have its low pressure sodium lighting upgraded to LED this year and also receive two additional lighting poles.This work is scheduled to be done in the coming weeks.

Areas logged onto Asset Management System for repair:
A large pothole outside the block of apartments at no. 49 Sydney Parade Avenue. Potholes on Mornington road. Northbrook Lane and its adjoining roads, footpaths and kerbs. A sunken road surface at 29, Havelock Square and its adjacent footpath.

Cllr Frank Kennedy requested an immediate repaving of a small patch of cycle lane on the N11 between RTE and UCD and also asked the SEAM to prevail upon the relevant department of the council to introduce segregated cycle lanes with proper traffic lights etc. on both sides of the N11 on this route. Cllr Kennedy brought attention to a recent tragic fatality at that location and demanded a comprehensive repair as a matter of urgency. The SEAM confirmed that Road Maintenance Services will examine the cycle track and report back on the matter.

Above: No pruning needed.
Left: Keep it clean.
Photos: Eugene Carolan.